I’m launching a closed community of independent people (no-one depends on you financially), dedicated to getting on the housing ladder. Founding members will gain access for a low monthly fee, which will never increase for you. Founding members will be instrumental in helping to shape this community. If you are interested in applying to join once I’m ready to launch, please join the founding members wait list below.

Join the founding members wait list

Who this community is for

  • Free agents. You should be in charge of your own financial destiny (no dependents, e.g. children, spouse)
  • Those frustrated by watching their income disappear each month while they get no closer to their goal
  • People with the oomph to make changes in their lives

Who this community is NOT for

  • Those with financial commitments towards others
  • Those who don’t believe they can reach their goals
  • People living for today at the expense of tomorrow

Benefits of joining

  • Content library (work your way through at your own pace)
  • Regular ‘ask me anything’ video sessions (live and replay)
  • Guest expert trainings
  • Community chat
  • Support network of people driven by the same aim
  • Challenges, inspiration, motivation
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Knowledge exchange. Share tips and tricks
  • Members’ skill swap area

Joining this community will involve an application process to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.

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